>Face Art

8 Mar

>So apparently there’s a big upheaval over Beyonce’s tribute to Fela Kuti in the latest L’Officiel Paris Magazine. People are questioning her decision to paint her face darker in some of the images. I’m not really sure why people are going crazy about this and making it a big deal, I think making a big deal and sensitizing issues about race makes an issue from nothing. In addition, I do not think her intentions were to offend anyone, Beyonce is an artist, Fela Kuti was an artist …. this is just art. And she’s cool with his people, so i’m sure this was discussed and approved. Calm down people. People paint their faces all the time! Images taken from: http://www.funmiogunja.com/2011/02/beyonces-tribute-to-fela-kuti.html


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