>"Beach Resort manager in youth burning saga"

20 Apr

>12th April 2011

Tour guide Lila Hussein admitted to Muhimbili National Hospital yesterday after allegedly being doused with petrol and set on fire by three members of staff of a Dar es Salaam beach hotel.

Police are holding for questioning the director of South Beach tourist hotel, located at Kigamboni Mjimwema, Temeke District, in Dar es Salaam, for allegedly setting Lila Hussein (24) on fire.

The director Salim Noto (53), a manager Salim Nassoro (20) and a driver John Mwangiombi (32) a resident of Mikocheni are in police custody for the alleged crime.

Temeke Regional Police Commander (RPC) David Misime, confirmed the arrest and termed the crime a gross violation of Human Rights.

Commander Misime, told this paper in his office that the suspects are alleged to have put a tyre around Lila’s body, poured petrol on his body and set him on fire.

He said Lila managed to survive and was taken to Kigamboni health centre after reporting to Mjimwema police station. He was referred to Muhimbili National Hospital for further treatment.

Misime said the suspects are alleged to have committed the offence last Saturday.

The RPC however said there were contradicting reports on the reasons for the victim being treated that way.

“Some reports claim the victim was involved in theft, without saying what he had stolen, while others claim that he entered a dancing hall without paying,” he said.

He said police were carrying out investigations to establish the truth, before the suspects appear in court.

Narrating the incident from his hospital bed at Muhumbili National Hospital’s Sewahaji ward number 23, Lila said during the day of the incident he had visitors who were camped at Paradise Beach.

“I was among those guiding tourists and also ensuring their safety,” said Lila, adding: “I am well known in the area. My work is guiding tourists and selling swimming facilities to them.

I am surprised at being treated this way; being accused of crimes I have not committed,” he said.

He said while attending his guests, some of them said they were going to South Beach Hotel to dance. “They requested me to follow them there later for fear of being robbed of their belongings on their way back.”

“When I reached the hotel I did not see anybody among my visitors. Instead people of Asian origin were having a celebration.

I decided to get out of the hotel to search for my guests in other places.”

Lila said when he was getting out of the room where celebrations were going on, the Hotel Manager saw him and started interrogating him as to why he was inside the hotel without permission.

“Later the manager and two other men started beating me, accusing me that I wanted to steal from their clients,” said Lila.

He said the Hotel manager took a plastic container full of petrol and started pouring the fuel on his body and then set him on fire.

“What I remember is that I ran towards the ocean. I remember those people laughing loudly as I ran. Then I dived into the ocean.

I don’t remember anything after that,” narrated Lila.

The Muhimbili National Hospital Assistant Public Relations officer, Jezza Waziri said the patient was in critical condition as he had suffered in more than 60 per cent of his body.

“Doctors are fighting to save his life,” said Waziri.

Via: http://www.ippmedia.com/frontend/index.php?l=28003


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