Tanesco: does NOT light up anything, especially not my life!

28 Jun

Tanesco, which is our local electricity company in Tanzania has been facing IMMENSE problems providing basic services around the country. We have had power rationing, blackouts and just face a constant battle – a lot of companies have faced great losses due to the high cost of running generators all day – especially factories that run 24/7 – imagine even the Gold Mines working in Tanzania are complaining – how can we be investor friendly when we cannot even provide basic electricity to people and industries in and around Tanzania.

Apparently a demonstration was organized on Monday, June 27th 2011 at the Tanesco headquarters, but i’ve heard nothing about it – not in the newspapers or from any of my friends who were supposed to go. Either we don’t care, don’t think it’ll make a difference or this wasn’t advertised well enough – regardless, that’s pretty shite on our part as citizens. I wasn’t in town – otherwise I would’ve been there – tube light and all.At this day in age, almost 50 years post independence – how can we be battling such BASIC things….?!

Some articles for your reference: http://thecitizen.co.tz/component/content/article/37-tanzania-top-news-story/12327-why-private-sector-shuns-power-projects.html,http://thecitizen.co.tz/component/content/article/37-tanzania-top-news-story/12270-enough-empty-on-talk-on-electricity-say-mps.html


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