African fabrics in the brands…finally.

4 Jul

African fabrics and fashion have been SO underrated…guys, they’re amazing! The colors,the stories, the women that make and wear them on a daily….i’m happy to see designers have finally picked up on this. Below are taken from: and

1. “Louis Vuitton’s Kim Jones will bring the ‘craft and culture of Africa’ to Menswear. (Lynecia Burges, June 30th 2011)

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s Collection

“The vivid red and purple-blue of Masai blankets are a striking new take on the famous LV Damier check. And the classic squares also are given a splotchy water-color look and texture for both shirts and scarves. [NY Times]

The world-traveling Men’s Style Director of Louis Vuitton, Kim Jones, who spent part of his childhood growing up on the continent is bringing his memories and love of Africa to the Spring/Summer 2012 men’s collection. Jones, whose father was a scientist said that among many other things, he heavily referred to Peter Beard‘s “End of the Game” as a huge resource for the upcoming collection. To see the entire S/S 2012 Menswear Collection, go here.

2. Vivienne Westwood goes to Africa for a new collection (Lynecia Burges, 29th July, 2011)

In Diaspora. Fashion seems to be the way that most people want to give back to the continent these days and we think its absolutely appropriate. The myriad of diverse cultures that all reside on the continent is a guaranteed cornucopia of inspiration. Vivienne Westwood‘s new limited edition Ethical Fashion Africa collection is taking that inspiration, adding a dose of philanthropy and partnering with the International Trade Center and YOOXGEN to help Kenyan women become entrepreneurs through fashion. All of the items produced as part of this collection were made in Nairobi using recycled materials and the proceeds will benefit the Kenyan women who produced them by hand! To see more of the one of a kind items from the collection, go here.


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