Cool shit!

11 Jul

So I just stumbled upon this website:   and am SO excited. I live and love unnecessary cool stuff, but i’m going through a de-junk (in my trunk hehe) phase so i’m resisting the temptation. Here is my window-shopping list:


Clack Egg Cracker

Umm….duh! This is amazing!!!

The Sriracha Cookbook

I DIE FOR SRIRACHA. Not die. But it’s pretty amazing


Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

har har har….

GSI Mini Outdoor Espresso Maker

I mean…you NEVER know when you need a little espresso!

Rolling Toothpaste Squeezer and Mirror Hanger

I would invite people over and make them use the bathroom JUST so they could see this and let them think HOW COOL. Because, admit it…ITS COOL!Like minty fresh coolness

Bambu Pet Hammock


So I can sit all day and watch my adorable puppy (who’s not a puppy anymore) be a lazy farting cutie pie in this hammock.

Aaaand i’ll stop myself there!


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