Dessert or Disaster?

11 Jul

Soooooo I was trying to be a good girlfriend and MAKE a cake versus BUYing a cake and it didn’t turn out QUITE how I wanted. I think I need a new standard cake recipe – or maybe I just have to accept that i’m not a baker. But the thing is, I want to be…so I am. And I mean you are what you eat – and I love baked goods so….that makes sense, right?


So basically my mother thinks I added too much chocolate (cause I didn’t measure it properly and based it on the color of the batter….oops) and it caved in basically and was super hard. So I filled it with cream, mango and pineapple and covered the rim with chocolate icing and candles – so even though we couldn’t eat it – it was great for singing and blowing the candles out with. You know….I tried. Better luck next time. Lets call this an aesthetically pleasing disaster.


Any recommendations??


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